Our Services

From the photos in our gallery you will see we can do a variety of improvement and maintenance services, none of which are too big or too small! contact us for further information of is you have a specific question. Here are some of the services we offer however;


A garden can be a place of relaxation and a space to entertain family and friends, Making the most of the space you have is essential but the rigmarole of getting it to a desirable standard can be exhausting - Let our team bear the brunt of this for you!

Instead of laying turf you may prefer something more hard-wearing - We can source all materials needed and create a bespoke design for you to suit your needs that will be the envy of all your guests that come round.



Concrete Guttering
The unpredictable British weather can take its toll on your house - Especially the guttering, A small issue can become something much worse if left unattended and delaying replacing this can lead to damaging the interior of your house - costing more than if the problem was resolved early on.

Creating a private space for your family to be able to truly relax is essential, We are able to create an aesthetically pleasing border to your garden aswell as being able to source all materials needed.

For true peace of mind for years to come concrete is the way to go - The most hard wearing of the materials we offer and will stand the test of time and any other challenges that are thrown at it 

The roof is just as important as the foundations of your house - Restoring or replacing these in the early stages would help to prevent leaks and other problems that could escalate further.

Whilst we are providing the above services - This is also something we can take on for you - Removing any goods to wherever you need them to go.
On top of this we can offer some interior renovation such as tiling & decorating - We can discuss this more if it is of interest